9-week Barbell Training Program to Help You Get Strong, Add Muscle, and Feel like a Total Badass in the Gym.

#BarbellBadass includes 15 full-length workouts, all 45 minutes or less, designed to help you improve your barbell skills, get stronger, and build more muscle in less time.


Each week of the 9-week training plan, the rep scheme of the main lift changes to ensure you are getting stronger week to week and adding muscle.


This 9 week, 5-days-per-week program is for beginner to intermediate lifters who are interested in powerlifting but don't have 90 minutes to commit to the gym but still want the benefits of barbell work.


Delivered via PDFs for print-and-go along with exercise demos for each movement and regressions to adjust based on fitness level.


Hi, I'm Chrissy King!


I'm a strength and nutrition coach, powerlifter, self-proclaimed truth teller, and a writer with a passion for intersectional fitness.  I struggled with weight and body image for the majority of my life and spent the majority of twenties focused on shrinking – in all areas of my life.  Through strength training and a series of other events, I finally broke free of obsessive habits around nutrition and exercise, developed a healthy relationship with my body, and started taking up all the damn space (#TakeUpSpace).

Now my mission to empower women to shop shrinking, take up space, create stress-free and sustainable lifestyles, feel confident and empowered in their skin, and focus their energy on creating their specific magic in the world.

I created #BarbellBadass because as much as I love powerlifting (and I really, really love it), I realize that a lot of people simple don’t have 60-90 minutes to commit to the gym four to five days a week.  Besides the fact, that you simply might not want to be in the gym that much, a lot of people simply don’t have the time to be in the gym for that long.  Between work, family, relationships, and social life, most people don’t want to spend 8 to 10 hours a week in the gym.

To be completely honest, you don’t need to spend that much time in the gym to get the benefits of strength training.

One of the things I really love about powerlifting is that barbell work is super fun and really empowering.  Every single time I deadlift I feel like a complete badass.  This program will allow you to get the benefits and enjoyment of barbell work and powerlifting without the huge time commitment.  You will get stronger and put on more muscle in less time.


What's Included in #BarbellBadass

Upon purchase, you'll be emailed a PDF document that includes the program description and calendar, the workouts, and links to the video tutorials.

  • 15 Full-Length Workouts

    #BarbellBadass contains 9 weeks’ worth of workouts, broken up into three separate training blocks.  Each of the training blocks is broken out  with specialized rep scheme designed to help you get strong and build muscle.   Each workout contains the following:

    • Main lift
    • Accessory Movement
    • Circuit

    The workouts are designed with hypertrophy and strength in mind. Even though the workouts are 45 minutes or less, there is a lot of volume included to ensure you develop muscle and increase your strength.

    Every workout comes in a clear and simple PDF format so you can actually print it out and take it to the gym or use it from your phone.

  • Video Demos for Each Exercise

    #BarbellBadass contains over 50 weight training exercises, but I stick to a lot of the basics because the basics work great!  They don’t require a ton of coaching.

    All of the workouts use a barbell (hence the name) and dumbbells.  In fact, 95% of the workouts require only that.  The remainder include some gym equipment, but to be honest, you can substitute those for other movements if you don’t have access to normal gym equipment.

    But to ensure you don’t have to spend time searching YouTube to figure out movements, I have included video demos of all the movements to make your workouts super easy to follow.

  • 9-Week Programming Calendar

    Although everyone’s schedule and lifestyle are going to be a little different, I have included an easy-to-follow 9 week schedule for you, with all of the 5 days of training outlined for you.

    There’s zero guesswork for you because you will know exactly what to do and when to do it.  Although the program is intended for 5 days a week, don’t stress if you can’t get train 5 days a week.  Do your best to train consistently, and you’ll see results.

    All of that said, adjust the training schedule to meet your specific needs.  It’s a suggested schedule, but it doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up.


Upon Purchase: within seconds, you will receive an email (be sure to check your junk email folder), and there will be a download button for you to click.  You will be re-routed to a Thank you page that will provide your email address where the program will be emailed to you.

Here's What People Have to Say!

Hey Chrissy! Really loved the workout today. I liked that I got in and out of the gym so fast but still felt like I got a lot accomplished. It clearly made me look like a badass too—because I got a lot of comments from others at the gym. Thought I’d share, because this kind of ties into what I mentioned last time—the intimidation factor of being a woman who lifts. For context sake: I did the workout at a small personal training gym where I’m also employed...One woman straight up told me that I looked like a badass doing the pull-ups. 👍🏻


Thank you for Barbell Badass workouts. Me and my sister tried 'week 1' squats one last week, and will be doing 'deadlift' on Friday. As for the squats one we've absolutely loved it. When we finished it we couldn't believe  that it actually took 45 min to complete (without finisher) - super time efficient and we felt a burn. I could feel pain in my bum and my legs still days after which is just amazing feeling. I personally like the idea of main move and accessory move especially I really struggle with squats and would like to improve form and how heavy I squat. Circuit makes your heart rate go up while you still working on those glutes and legs. And the finisher was OMG moment - the next day I struggle to walk - my sister actually said that that she struggle to walk as even skin hurts when both legs touching 😀 So we loved it and I can't wait to try deadlift one. Week 2 I will be probably try next week 🙂
Best wishes. Kasia


Hi Chrissy!
I got too carried away in the garden last night and missed my CrossFit class, so #BarbellBadass deadlift day it was! Perfect timing. I liked the combo of deadlifts followed by rows. I found that 50% was a little too light for the round and rep scheme for deadlifts, so I kept adding and 60% felt like an appropriate load for me (round 3)...maybe even 65% next time? I don't have strict pull-ups yet (2018 goal!), so I did them jumping from a low box. The combination of circuit exercises was a good reminder that I need a strong core and glutes to finally conquer those dang pull-ups. I really like the length of these workouts! It took me about 35 minutes, and like the bench workout, I left feeling energized....a little sweatier, but still great! I love having a variety of workouts in my arsenal- crazy metcons that leave you in a puddle on the floor, hour and a half long hypertrophy sessions (I completed the Bigness Project last year!), and these shorter PL-based workouts where I feel accomplished and awesome without being drained/exhausted. Looking forward to next week's!


I've done this workout twice now and even though it's pretty brutal I love it and it's clear to me that doing this type of workout regularly will both help me continue to build strength and be more fit. I mean, I was actually super sore after my first time doing this and that hasn't happened in a really long time (this is a good thing in my book). Plus it is not boring at all, which I have been craving. Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to trying the other workouts in this series.


Hiii and happy Sunday! More feedback for you!  This was fun, and of course challenging. My chest is sore, also of course! I love ending with pullovers, they're a favorite of mine! Great workout, I'm liking the layout and clear instruction 🙂 🔥🔥🔥thank you!


Another awesome workout!!  I love that it was only 30 min--even with the finisher!  I like starting with two hard and heavy exercises and then moving to the circuit and then ending with a awesome finisher. I know I could have done heavier on the bench press, but I haven't done barbell bench press in so long I was a little leery to go too heavy without a spotter. Loved the mix up with the single arm DB press--did it on the floor, as I had seen you demo this somewhere before.  And the mix of exercises in the circuit--loved it.  and Yes! completed with the finisher--5 rounds completed.Thanks again for allowing me to participate in the beta tests!


Hi Chrissy.  I had a bit of a crazy week last week but I tried your squat workout today and I thought it was great! When I can I like to try to get my workouts in before work (hard to get up early but feels good to get it out of the way), so this was the perfect length/intensity for me. I was able to get through everything but the finisher and I definitely worked up a sweat. I hadn't squatted in a while so I stuck to 50% of my 1RM which felt alright for the 3x10. I really liked the breakdown of the workout because sometimes after finishing the big lifts I kind of lose focus and don't know what to do for accessory work so it was great to have the program to follow. Thanks for making these available and I'll let you know how the bench one goes!


I LOVE this workout! Such a great mix of heavy(ish)/slow stuff before finishing it off with the circuit. It looked really simple on paper, but I challenged myself on the weights for the squats and the deadlifts. Badass is the appropriate name for this, because I definitely felt like one! I went heavier than I thought I could for those 8-10 reps and proved to myself that my 1RM is about to go UP!!! And, I totally see Jill's influence with those 5 minutes of jumping lunges 😉 Looking forward to the chest workout later today! Thanks so much for letting us try these out.


Hi Chrissy. I tried the first Barbell Badass workout this morning and wanted to tell you how much I liked it. I lift regularly and my legs were jello by the time I was finishing the circuit at the end - going back upstairs after I finished was a little dicey. :). I really like the format of the workout - the “big moves” up front and a finishing circuit burn. I usually start and finish leg days with glute burners, but the split squats/goblet squats/hip thrusts definitely worked. I liked the circuit a lot. Overall, it’s awesome and your enthusiasm for it is motivating. I’m excited to try #2 tomorrow morning! Thanks for asking for volunteers - I work out in a home gym so it was nice to have a program to try this morning, rather than just doing what I felt like. I definitely wouldn’t have done jump squats without a pro asking me to!
Hope this helps, Erin.


Hi!  I did this workout today and loved it.  Definitely felt it working my entire legs.  And now been about 6 hrs since finished and can tell legs are tired but I still have some energy. Next time I do it I will adjust weights. I went lighter because not sure how intense it was going to be especially since I rarely have done squats and deadlifts in same workout. By end of squats I was sweating. Deadlifts went well.  Loved the 4 exercise circuit. And combination was awesome, that is going into my rotation.I didn’t do the finisher because honestly I hate switch jumps lol.  Instead I did kettlebell swings because I thought hip movement would be appropriate for finishing.  They were a challenge to do. Overall loved workout, legs felt like jelly, butt was twitching (always a good thing) and look forward to your next one. Sorry this was long but wanted to give you feedback!


Great workout!!  followed to a tee. I liked 3 sets for the squats and RDLs--allowed me to go heavier on RDL specifically.  These are usually hard because of my grip and forearm strength (or lack there of) and yes I use straps most times.  Really like the circuit.  Not sure if I have ever incorporated goblet squats, so that was a nice change up for me.  GLUTES on fire!! Total workout time was about 30 min--Perfect!! Did do the finisher, but in sets of 10 with rest until I was ready to get back at it. Got in about 6 rounds.
#BarbellBadass, Michelle


Chrissy, I tried this workout and it was great. I didn't have access to a regular barbell cage because I was traveling, so I used a Smith machine. Still effective. I really like the accessory work. I completed all the sets and reps but did not do the optional finisher. It took me less than 45 minutes and my legs were tired. I will try it again at my gym this week and increase the weight. Looking forward to the next one.


Chrissy, This workout was killer but felt so good! My legs are wobbly! Just what I like after a intense leg workout. The workout took me about 50 mins to complete, and after the 3rd circuit round my legs were toast! I’ll try and complete the same workout again on Sunday after my legs rest a couple of days. Everything was self explanatory and nothing was confusing.
Great job! Crystal


 Who is #BarbellBadass For?

  • It's for anyone who wants the benefits of powerlifting and barbell work without a huge time commitment.  You will get stronger and build muscle in less time.
  • #BarbellBadass is for beginner to advanced lifters.  Even though the movements are fairly simple, the weight can be easily adjusted to make the workouts more more or less difficult.  Additionally, you will be moving though portions of the workout quickly to achieve a lot of volume in a short amount of time.
  • #BarbellBadass is for anyone who wants to get stronger, put on more muscle, challenge themselves, and feel like a total badass.
  • #BarbellBadass is for everyone who wants fitness to be a source of fun and empowerment, instead of treating it as a means solely to shrink your body.

 Who is #BarbellBadass NOT For?

  • This program is not for individuals who are looking for long-duration workouts.
  • #BarbellBadass isn't for people who aren't willing to lift heavy weight or complete challenging workouts.
  • This program isn't for people who have never exercised before.  If you are brand new to exercise, I recommend starting with an in-person trainer to get comfortable with lifting first.
  • This isn't for people who don't want to be consistent with their training. The program is designed with hypertrophy and strength in mind.  You can't expect those results if you don't training consistently.  It doesn't mean you can never miss a workout, but it does mean that if you want to see results with the program, you need to train 3-5 days a week.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need?

All of the workouts require a barbell, plates, dumbbells, and a bench.  A very minimal amount of the workouts require other gym equipment but alternatives have been provided for those in the event you are working out at home.

What format do the workouts come in?

The program is delivered in PDF format with links to accompanying video tutorials for all lifting movements.

What if I've never done any barbell or powerlifting before?

This program is designed for beginner to intermediate lifters.  Even if you have never done any barbell or powerlifting before,  this program is still suitable for you.  You are free to adjust the weights as needed to meet your level of strength.  Additionally, there are video tutorials of all movements along with tips to a successful bench, squat, deadlift, and front squat.

What if I can't train 5 days a week?

Although the program is 5 days a week, you can opt to train less or take additional rest days if you need additional time for recovery.  I also realize that everyone has a busy life so you may not be able to commit to 5 days a week.  That's understandable.  The important thing to remember is that of course we get the best results the more consistent we are, but even if you train 3-4 days a week, you are still going to get excellent results and benefits from the program.

Is there any coaching that goes along with this?

This is a DIY program.  There is no coaching that goes along with the program.  However, I have included everything that I think it necessary for you to be successful on this program.

Will I get sore with these workouts?

Most people will experience some soreness with the workout.  That's totally normal because there may be some new movement patterns and increase in volume from your usual training.  The easiest way to deal with the soreness is continue moving through the day (walking, stretching, etc), eating well for recovery, drinking lots of water, and doing proper warm ups and cool downs.  You may find foam rolling helpful as well.   The soreness will likely decrease as you progress through the program.

How is the program delivered?

Once you purchase the program, you will be taken to a thank you page where you will need to 'opt in' by adding your name and email address.  Once you enter your name and email, you will receive your digital copy of #BarbellBadass, along with links to the video demonstrations within a few minutes. Be sure to check your junk email folder.

If you have any questions about the product or experience technical difficulties, please email me.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Disclaimer:  These workouts are designed for educational purposes only, and you follow them at your own risk.  You are an adult, capable of listening to your body and know what it can and can't handle.  I have done my best to prepare you for a safe and effective workout, but please speak with your physician before starting any fitness program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illness and injury.  Chrissy King and Chrissy King Fitness assume no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.